Friday, October 12, 2007

Tate Farms

Yesterday our homeschool group went to Tate Farms. It started off great...with food! Here is Addy with her good buddy, David.

Addy and David found their perfect pumpkin right out of the field.

Here they are in front of the pumpkin house.

Harley was just along for the ride.

Here we are jumping out of the barn into the hay pile, one of Addy's most favorite activities of the day.

She also enjoyed playing in the "snow" as she called the cotton.

Here the kids are going wild in the corn crib.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Camping on the Beach

Well, we survived AND enjoyed our beach camping trip. The drive down and back was a little less than pleasant, but destinations were reached. We started our trip off a great way, by eating chicken biscuits at chick-fil-a in athens, AL. The best part is that we had coupons and they were free! We got there just before dark in time to set up the tent. Then we roasted hot dogs and ate smores...the only reason Addy was willing to drive 9 hours away for. On Saturday we saw a REAL alligator AND a real bobcat!! I was all excited about the alligator and believe it or not, it was going after some water in front of a Ruby Tuesday's!!! Yikes! The girls enjoyed the beach. Addy really liked playing in the sand. She buried her baby in the sand...

Harley says, "Addy, You've taken this too far. Don't get any ideas!!!"

That afternoon we went to eat at Johnny Rockets and ate outside on the patio, walked to see all the big boats on the wharf, then rode the ferris wheel, and ate ice cream at Dippin Dots. That was a really fun night. On Sunday we rode bikes for a while, ate at waffle house, went to the beach during the evening, and saw a snake!

And last of all, I got to have a little fun with the favorite toy.