Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Family's Thanksgiving List...

Our Church
This Nation and the Freedom We Have to Worship Jesus Without Being Persecuted
An incredible husband who leads our family in the Lord
Jesus and His Word
The Grace of God
Wonderful Wifey
The Beauty of Creation
Christmas Trees
the moon to see
Reliable Car
Job I Enjoy

This is Addy's Thanksgiving Tree we made at our Keepers group this month.

Addy took an art class this semester. Here she was making prints on her last day.

And this is what Harley thought about sitting and waiting an hour for Addy while she was at art each week.

Fun for the whole family :)

Addy playing at our dear friends house, the Genrath's.

Addy and I are making a pinata for Christmas to share with Joseph and Jackson, our cousins.

Stan's favorite thing to play with Addy is blocks...his robot army has Addy in their sights.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last night Harley slept through the entire night, again! Funny though...Addy woke up scared and coupldn't go back to sleep...the first time in about 6 months. We're still thankful it wasn't both girls up several times all in one night.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


we were driving home from church and addy was asleep. When we got close to home I said, "addy, we're almost home." She replied, "but my sleepy can't wait until we get home."

Today I overheard her reading a book, which consists of her looking at the pictures and making up words. She said, "I'm a freak girl. good job."
Maybe we shouldn't call addy a "freak" any more.

Last night we had a success! Harley voluntarily ate about 5 bites of green beans! YEAH! And to top it off, she slept all night long. I checked on her during the night to make sure everything was ok. She went 13 hours without eating!

Here Addy and I are having fun making her favorite cookies.

This morning Harley walked behind this little push toy with Addy's help. She's still not crawling, but she does go from a sitting to crawling position, so maybe within a few weeks she'll be moving right along.

Here Addy and Harley are playing dishes. Harley actually will amuse herself for a while playing in the dishes box.

Stan is up to his craziness again pulling Harley through the house on a sheet. Addy is using her camera to take Harley's picture also.

Princess Addy...

And here is Addy loving on her little sis.

and again...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Things have been pretty calm at our house the past few weeks. Addy's new favorite thing to do is to carry Harley all over the house. Suprisingly Harley likes it, but then again Addy can do about anything to Harley and she just laughs and smiles at her.

Stan has been off from work every other Friday this year, which has been such a blessing to us. He makes home school so much fun...Addy gets to wear pink party hats and her Pajamas all day and make weather vanes instead of just reading about them...He's a great husband and daddy.

wait a minute, who's supposed to be learning here?...

Stan and his completed science project. A+!

Addy writing her name...

And this is our typical day without daddy at home to keep us in line...addy pulling out about 40 books to read and Harley eating some toy in the bed that doesn't get made until noon.