Thursday, October 2, 2008

This past weekend we went to Birmingham to camp at Oak Mountain State park. The park had a petting zoo, which Harley especially enjoyed (from a distance) since she is learning the sounds animals make. Her favorite is the horse sound "Neigh-a-a-a-a-a." We also got to enjoy a trip to the Birmingham Zoo to see lots of animals. Addy's favorite was the snakes, Stan's the monkey's, and mine the Giraffes. Harley was undecided.

Harley has thoroughly enjoyed our tomato plants this summer. She often has a tomato face and tomato juice has stained most all her shirts. She loves to go and pull one off and eat it like it's an apple. And surprisingly enough they are still producing new blooms. Surprisingly because Abigail, Addy's friend, ran over them with our 4-wheeler several months ago and since then I haven't taken the best care of them in the world. I may be asking her to do it again next year! Thanks Abigail. Just yesterday we counted 43 tomatoes still left!

Harley loves to ride her bicycle. She's still a bit short to pedal herself, but she likes to try.
The girls playing "kitchen" while I cook dinner.
Harley LOVES Addy to read to her. She will sit for 20 minutes at a time.
More reading....
and more reading...
I have had to get creative with entertaining Harley while teaching Addy. I got 8 lbs of pintos and put them into a hige bowl in the playpen and she stays pretty content for about 20 mins. I have found lots of fun and cheap ideas from The Busy Toddler's Book, one I would recommend to anyone who needs to juggle several children at once.
Addy being very productive while Harley is in her play pen.
Harley trying to be like her big sis again up in Addy's school chair. Another "busy activity" I have for her is to play with washable markers, but only in her high chair, which explains the green 'eye shadow."