Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harley's take on potty training....So, Harley's pride and joy these days is carrying her diapers to the garbage can after we finish changing her. She does this with the biggest smile on her face while looking to see who all is watching her. The other day instead of going straight into the kitchen where I usually go to pull out the garbage can for her majestic dumping of the diaper I said, "Harley how about we throw away your diaper in mommy's bathroom. I think Addy is in there waiting on me to brush her hair." So, we walk in there. I forget that Harley has the diaper and I start fixing Addy's hair because we are running a little late for our Chick-fil-A date. I hear "plop" right into the toilet is where Harley puts her tee-tee diaper. Where else? That's where tee-tee belongs, right?

Here is the new baby's room thus far. Not all that exciting, but a few people have been asking to see it so here it is. I say"new baby" because for 28 weeks we had decided on naming the baby boy Skylar. This was Stan's choice. He had wanted to name both Addy and Harley Skylar if they were boys, so now was his opportunity. However, 3 days ago at midnight, he decides that this may not be the best name for an adult male. "preacher Skylar" or whatever he may become just doesn't sound very good anymore. So, as of now we are undecided. However, the name William is in the top runnings (Stan and his Dad are both William's).

And the kitchen with the infamous plaid paiting technique that I really don't advise anyone doing...
And lastly, everyone wants to know how homeschooling has been going....for the most part good. Addy is reading some now. As you can see, we still have a little trouble confusing the "i" and "e" sounds.
Lastly, my sweet girls and my rapidly increasing in size tummy.