Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sleep and Money!

Last night was the first night since April 4th that Harley didn't wake up to eat during the night! YEAH and Praise the Lord! I still got up a couple of times when she was crying, but we are really making progress...I made it all day without the urge to fall over and sleep, and I can feel those blue bags disappearing from under my eyes as I type this. More good news...I have found a place to work! I have been praying that God would just have His way and that His will be done in working out my desire to work and stay home with our girls. I met a lady at the homeschool coop that I take Addy to on Tuesdays who told me about her physician who has 5 children (all boys I might add), homeschools them all, and runs a clinic 2 days a week from 1-8pm. I met with the doctor and she has welcomed me to work with her! I have been 2 days so far. At this time I am working alongside her to get back in the swing of things, at least for a few months until I feel confident being by myself. Then she opened her clinic up for me to have my own patient population on any of the days she isn't there! I hope to work one full day a week. This could only be worked out by God and I give Him praise for it!!!

This week was a good one, financially speaking. All of my school loans are paid off and good ol' SallieMae owed me 1 penny! Here's the check they spent 39 cents to mail me...go figure!

I had checked out some books and DVD's for Addy at a new library. Books were due in 2 weeks and DVD's in 1 week. I got those times confused with renewal times and ended up with a $15 fine for the 3 DVD's. I explained to the woman what had happened and she was so kind to waive the fees. After I got out to the car I looked at the receipt and it read "billed: $5" "Paid:$5" "Payment: FORGIVEN" "PAID IN FULL"!!! Whoa, is that not just what Jesus did for us or what?

Addy is pretty creative...with a little help, she custom designed this sling for her baby. Then she clipped her cell phone on it along with a hair scrunchie and a toy for her baby.

Where's Addy? Stan and I had a little fun one night when we were checking on Addy before we went to bed. The funny thing was Addy never mentioned anything out of the ordinary the next day.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cooler weather

This week has been a sick one for Harley and myself. This was Harley's first sickness, which started the day she turned 6 months old. She is still croupy and her cries sound funny, but we pray that God will continue to heal her little body. We are going tent camping this week on the beach in FL. Addy is estatic...mostly about the smores. This week we learned that animals live in the ocean so she is a little hesitant about getting in. Tonight while I was reading to her she asked if hippos like the one in the book are going to be at the beach and if so she wants them to be friendly ones.
The high on Saturday was 78*...Addy was overly eager for the temp change.

I finished painting our Bible verses in our house. The kitchen one is "All of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, humble in spirit, not repaying evil for evil or insult for insult but a blessing instead." 1 Peter 3:8 I thought this would be an excellent verse to have for raising our children, not that I don't need it myself!

Addy discovered this corner in our living room. She is such the bag lady, all of this "stuff" goes with her in her wal-mart bags where ever she goes to play.

Harley's favorite food is still her toes. She loves to play in the water and now we put her in it just to calm her down in the evenings.

Well, still no luck with Harley eating baby food, but funny thing...three years after trying to get ADDY to eat baby green beans, she asks to eat them, loves them, and asks for seconds. Kids!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Curious George

Everyone needs a little "Monkey the George " in their life!

Harley loves her Daddy!

Addy is VERY protective of her little sis.

Typical Addy after sitting still in church for 2 hours.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

No Thanks!

Welcome to our family's blog!

This week has been interesting. Harley turns 6 months old this Wednesday and we have been trying to get her started on some solid foods. She has vomitted up rice and oatmeal ceral the 3 times we have tried it, so we are holding off on that for a bit longer. This past week we tried some peaches, sweet potatoes, bananas, and green beans...I know, I know, one at a time. She just made the ugliest faces and cried for most of them...I was hoping to find one she liked. New plan for this week...all sweet potatos. Here is Addy being a great big mama's helper trying to fed Harley. Harley LOVES addy so I thought she might have better luch than me!

Harley says "All that trouble you went through and I still didn't swallow any. Suckers!!!"

Addy loves to read, especially to Harley who doesn't know if what she is saying makes any sense. Harley says "Hey, I can ride the unicycle too."

Man, I love my bid sis...

This is Harley's first day to wear shoes. They are a little big, but she says they give her super jumping powers...and tasty to chew on too!

Stan turned the laundry basket into a wagon, luckily no fatalities... today :)

poor Harley...it's just the beginning, you've got a lot to get used to and to look forward to at the same time.